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Vintage ~ Classic ~ Mid Century ~ Historical

Welcome to our popular and experienced tile factory in Gardena. Being in the business for over 70 years we consider ourselves to be the go-to address for a wonderful selection of tiles in over 60 colors. We also have a fine variety of styles for every kind of desired interior, including vintage styles and colors.

10W-White 10W-White
11W-White-Speck 11W-White-Speck
12W-Salt-Pepper 12W-Salt-Pepper
14W-Ivory-wall 14W-Ivory-wall
18W-Light-Ivory-wall 18W-Light-Ivory-wall
20W-Blue-Wall 20W-Blue-Wall
21W-Skyline 21W-Skyline
23W-Blueberry 23W-Blueberry
26W-Aqua 26W-Aqua
42W-Jade 42W-Jade
43W-Kiwi 43W-Kiwi
44W-Shamrock 44W-Shamrock
46W-Medium-Green 46W-Medium-Green
50W-Tan-Wall 50W-Tan-Wall
57W-Brown 57W-Brown
66W-Grey-Mist 66W-Grey-Mist
68W-Shadow 68W-Shadow
70W-Pink-Wall 70W-Pink-Wall
78W Maroon 78W Maroon
84W-Oatmeal-Wall 84W-Oatmeal-Wall
90W-Lilac 90W-Lilac
92W-Black 92W-Black
860-Dark-Oatmeal 860-Dark-Oatmeal
C220-Cobalt-Blue C220-Cobalt-Blue
58W-Rootbeer 58W-Rootbeer
32W-Lemon 32W-Lemon
73W-Rose 73W-Rose

B&W Tile Co. in Gardena – find out more:

  • We are limiting the amount of people in our showroom to less than 12 including our service team.
  • We are following all CDC guidelines to maintain a clean and safe environment.
  • Please maintain social distancing & wear your mask.
  • For pick up, and pack ready materials please call ahead for stock check, availability and payments.
  • Special orders will be limited to supplier availability and local ordinances.
  • Working together will help facilitate with our states guidelines

Since 1949, our family owned and operated business has provided the general public, contractors, and various tile stores with a great place to shop for high-quality, elegantly colored tiles, and we still are incredibly proud to be known as “The Best in the West“! We invite you to stop at our giant warehouse in Southern California and see for yourself the many options for home remodeling available at B & W Tile Co.

Send us an email, or call (310) 538-9579 to reach our tile factory in Gardena, California.

Of course our collection of tiles is also available for shipping.

over 60 colors Selection of over 60 colors
own tiles We manufacture our own tiles
home remodeling Nationwide shipping available
 Green Bathroom
Pink Bathroom
Black bathroom
Yellow Bathroom
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